Who’s Hiding In Your House This Winter?

As we prepare ourselves for the winter, other animals including pests are preparing for the cold season too, and guess where they are planning to get warmth? Your home!

Many people stock up their kitchen, refrigerator, closets for the festive season, but they do not consider the pesky bugs that will be looking for where to spend the winter?

These are some of the pests to watch out for during winter;


You will agree that bedbugs are every home’s worst nightmare; they invade everything from your purses and couch, to your clothing. Bedbugs have been found in hotels, cars and even airplanes. If you are traveling for the festive season, you have to be extra careful to avoid bringing bugs into your lovely home.

Bed bug on wood

How do we prevent this world’s nuisance from gaining access to our homes?

Before you unpack, check hotel’s mattresses, pillowcases for signs of dark blood and bedbugs. If you see any signs of bugs, have your room changed.
The safest place to keep your clothes is your bag, don’t leave your clothes lying on the bed, and don’t unpack them in the hotel’s drawer.
Keep your luggage(s) far from the bed to avoid bugs entering your bags.
After the holiday, make sure you are not bringing unwanted guests along with you. Vacuum your luggage, and wash your clothes with hot water and dry in a dryer.

Row of Washing Machines

If you suspect your home is infested with bedbugs, call your local pest control operator. If you are living in Regina Saskatchewan, Rox bug exterminator can help you exterminate bedbugs or any other annoying pests from your home. Avoid eliminating bugs yourself; you might spread them to other parts of the house.


Rats, mice, etc. can be your uninvited guests this winter, if proper care isn’t taken. Just like any other pests, rodents are dangerous to our health. Fix up every hole and leak in your house before winter. Prevent rodents from invading your home by using screens over chimney, doors, and windows. No matter how small a crack or hole is, patch it up with drywall, caulk, siding, etc. Rodents can fit into any hole, especially mice and rats. So, leave no stone unturned. Empty the trash as soon as possible. Dispose leftovers or neatly wrap and preserve them to avoid attracting rodents or any other annoying pest.

Four Little Rodents Peeking out of a Hole in Regina

Termites, Stink bugs, and other wood bugs

Getting firewood for the winter is essential; we all need the firewood to keep warm. However, without inspecting the firewood before bringing it to our homes can result in firewood bugs invasion. Stink bugs and termites thrive in woods; they can cause damages to our properties. So, when collecting firewood for the winter, double check the wood and ensure you don’t see any symptoms of wood bugs infestation.

Store your firewood away from the house, use a plastic platform to cover your wood; it will prevent bugs from thriving in your firewood and causing disasters to your home.

Termite Hill the is Bad for Your Regina Home

If you suspect that your house is already infested with insects, call Rox bugs exterminator. They are the best pest control operator in Regina, Saskatchewan. Enjoy this pest-free winter season as you take the necessary steps to prevent unwanted guests in your house.