What types of furniture can you find bed bugs in?

Are you thinking of changing your furniture? That’s a superb idea. Looking to grab second hand stuff? It’s great the you are trying to save on cash but be careful if you do not want uninvited guests in your lovely home. This article will hopefully help you secure your home from bedbug infestation.

What are the types of furniture to buy?

Bed bugs are flat and small in size which allows them to hide quickly when they are not feeding or active. Unfortunately, they virtually make your lovely home uninhabitable, and your furniture is victim to their attacks.

A Blue Park Bench in Saskatchewan, Canada

When getting furniture, especially used furniture, here are a few things to look out for:

1. The first thing you want to do before purchasing used furniture is to inquire with the sellers if the furniture was treated from bed bugs or any other bugs previously. Asking the question may sound or feel awkward, but it is important in reducing the risk of accidentally brings bedbugs to your home.

2. It isn’t enough to simply ask questions, you also need to use your eyes and common sense. Look for signs of bed bug infestations. Small things such as:

  • Crushed bed bugs – When you see rusty stains on furniture, this is often a result of crushed bed bugs.
  • Eggs and eggshells – In some extreme cases, you can find bed bug eggs. The eggs are small and pale yellow.
  • Dark spots – You can detect bed bugs by their excrement; they leave dark spots as small as a full stop (.) on the furniture.
  • Live bedbugs – Of course seeing live bed bugs on or within the environment of the furniture is a sure way of knowing the furniture is infested with bedbugs. However, insects such as black carpet beetle, spider beetle, and booklouse can be easily mistaken for bed bugs.

Two Leather Chairs that Could have Bed Bugs in them

What to do before bringing in furniture to your home?

Changing your furniture is exciting, but you have to take the necessary preservative measure to eliminate the risk of bringing pests to your house.

1. If you have the ability, get a highly trained pest control operator to inspect the furniture, before bringing them to your home.

2. Isolate and treat your furniture before using them.

3. Use protective covers until you confirmed from your local pest management professional that your furniture is clean from bed

4. Get an insecticide; ensure you have insecticide or pesticide in your grasp, in case of emergencies.

A Fold out Chair and Table in Saskatchewan

If you Find a Bed Bug

Hopefully you never have this problem but if you find a bed bug in your furniture after you have made the purchase and moved it into your home make sure to consult your local pest control operator before exterminating pest from your home or hotel.
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