What is Pest Control?

Some pest can be detrimental to your family’s health and it is necessary to control pests that may enter your home. Pest control is regulating or managing any species that is identified as a pest that may be harmful to your health, the ecology, or the economy. Professionals who help to control pests are known as exterminators.

One of the more common pests found in a home is bed bugs. There may also be other pests in the home for which you would call an exterminator as well. There are several ways to try and control such pests depending on where the pest is located and what type of pest it is.

Keeping Things Clean Cleaning Tools

Eliminating breeding grounds for pests is one way of keeping them at bay. Make sure you keep the kitchen tidy and dirty dishes out of other rooms. Many pests are attracted to food waste. Take your garbage out regularly and try to take all food waste to the kitchen garbage can rather than other places in the home where the garbage may not be emptied as frequently.


Since pests often breed in areas where people are present, you will find them in homes, businesses, and public buildings. Pests can be controlled in these areas by using insecticides to prevent them from getting in and also to kill any pests that are there already.

What Happens when you call an Exterminator

Some pests can be managed by homeowners but if the efforts fail, it is time to call in an exterminator. Usually, a combination of strategies will be tried to make a home less desirable to roaches, bed bugs, and other pests. Everything from keeping the home clean and using over the counter products to get rid of and deter pests will be used. Some even attempt to clear the space of pests with anti-pest compounds made from natural ingredients.

bed-bugs-regina-skIf the exterminator is called in he can deal with all types of pests, including those that may potentially cause structural damage. They can exterminate termites and ants that are infesting buildings and the surrounding landscape.

You may need a combination of tactics to keep pests at bay. Some people will first make sure the space is clean and free of clutter and then make sure that there are no cracks or holes anywhere that will allow pests to enter from the outside. In addition to doing this, they may have an exterminator come in to treat the area to make sure the pest population is not intruding.

Exterminators aim to remove mice, termites, bed bugs, and cockroaches, among other pests from the area. Having pests removed will ensure they are not causing structural damage and that people in the home are not getting sick because of them.

If you are in the Regina, Saskatchewan area, contact Rox Bugs where there are professionals who offer consultations. They can take a look at your situation and determine what steps you need to take for pest control in your home.