What is an Exterminator?

An exterminator can also be referred to as a pest control technician. Their job is to get rid of pests such as roaches, mice, mosquitoes, wasps, spiders, termites, bed bugs, or other animals that are creating a nuisance. Some exterminators are self-employed while others work for companies that are responsible for large scale pest control such as government run buildings, schools, restaurants, and hotels.

Spraying Herbicides

What does an exterminator do?

The main job of an exterminator is to take care of pest infestations. Another part of the job entails dealing with customers and educating them on the methods that will be used when taking care of the situation. Exterminators work in areas that are frequented by pests such as basements, attics, and other crawl spaces. Extermination is not necessarily the most glamorous career but it is far from boring. There is a large diversity of pests that need to be dealt with and they live in a variety of places with their own special hideouts. Someone who enjoys the idea of not sitting at a desk all day would enjoy the work of an exterminator where you deal with diverse situations and clients every day.

An exterminator will talk with a customer to figure out what the pest issue is and then he will examine the area to come up with the best plan to get rid of the pests. He will examine all of the suspected places in the home as well as anything he feels may also be an issue so he can find possible sources of the pest. After an examination, he discusses what he found with the customer and will make sure the customer is informed about the options for treating the problem.

The exterminator comes up with a plan to get rid of the pests and then gets the customer’s consent to begin necessary procedures. It can be a simple process of spraying the correct insecticides and pesticides in areas it is required or in more extreme situations, they may need to seal and gas the house. Once the issue is dealt with, the exterminator will educate the customer and talk about how to prevent future infestations.

Person in a Gas Mask

Being an exterminator requires patience in dealing with people as often times the customer will be in a distressed state. Some people may also find the idea of killing things disturbing and the exterminator will have to explain the importance of killing the pests so that the humans can life in a safe and healthy environment.

A self-employed exterminator can set his own hours and work on a schedule that is convenient for him. Exterminators employed by a company may have a fixed working schedule. Exterminators spend some time on the road driving from one appointment to the next.

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