Tips if You Hear Your Apartment has Bed Bugs

Bed bugs may be tiny little insects that cannot jump or fly, but they can infect an entire building quite easily. They can be transported through an apartment building via a neighbouring unit, during the moving process, or on second hand furniture and mattresses.

Apartment Buildings

If you find out that your apartment building has bed bugs, you should try not to panic. There is not much that you can do to prevent it after the fact and you want to be able to think clearly enough to get rid of them once and for all.

What to do when you First Hear about a Bed Bug Infestation

Even if you don’t see any bed bugs in your apartment, there is still a chance that your apartment gets them. Talk to your landlord or property manager as soon as possible to make sure that they are aware of the bed bug problem. While a phone call will alert them the fastest, it is always best to follow up in writing, so that there is a paper trail should things go south.

Phone and Writing

The landlord or property manager should be the one to call a bed bug professional like Rox Bugs. Trained professionals have the expertise needed to find and kill any bed bugs, whether they are in one unit or an entire building. It is necessary for you to know if any bed bugs were found during an inspection and how close they were to your apartment. If any units near yours have bed bugs, then your unit should be inspected and treated for a potential infestation.

A bed bug problem should not be resolved by any in house cleaning staff, because cleaning will not remove the bed bugs completely. Only a professional can safely kill bed bugs.

Unit Door

Check out this list for a few things that you can do when you are waiting for a bed bug professional to inspect your apartment:

  • Clean up any clutter, so that there are less places for the bed bugs to hide.
  • Vacuum your mattresses, chairs, and couches and dispose of the vacuum bag immediately.
  • Linens and clothes that may have bed bugs and bed bugs eggs on them should be washed using hot water and dried on high heat for at least thirty minutes. This will kill those pesky critters and keep your situation at bay until further help arrives.

After a bed bug infestation in your home or apartment complex, it is important to never move anything out of your residence until you have been notified that the bed bugs are gone. This ensures that you do not transport the bed bugs to other areas in the building or to other homes.

Kid in a Box

When landlords and property managers hire Rox Bugs in Saskatchewan, they can be confident that their building’s bed bug problem will be solved quickly and efficiently.

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