Tips for Preventing Bed Bugs

Inside House

No one wants bed bugs inside their home and while it can happen to anyone, there are a few things that everyone can do to prevent bringing these little creatures home with them. Thankfully, all of these tips are easy and fairly inexpensive too.

1. Look Carefully in Hotel Rooms

Hotel rooms are the number one culprits when it comes to bed bug transferal. As soon as you enter the hotel room that you are staying in, you should carefully inspect the mattress, boxspring, and headboard for any stains. If you see any brown spots or an actual bed bug, you will want to let management know immediately.

Even if you do not see any signs of bed bugs, it is usually best to place your suitcase up off of the floor, so that no bed bugs can crawl in from the carpeting.


2. Unpack Carefully once You’re Back Home

If you even suspect that you have been in contact with bed bugs during your travels, you will want to unpack very carefully. We recommend that you unpack your entire suitcase outside and only take the clothing in that you can place into the washer immediately. All of your clothes should be washed in hot water and then placed in the dryer on high heat. The high temperatures of the water and heat will kill the bed bugs and their eggs.

All of your luggage should be placed in black bags or bins and placed in direct sunlight for at least a few hours. The heat will destroy the bed bugs and you will not need to worry about them getting into your home.


3. Purchase Carefully and Wisely

Many people like to purchase slightly used furniture or other items, and while this is great for the wallet and the environment, it might not be so good for your home if the items are full of bed bugs. Fully inspect any item before you decide to take it into your home.

Department stores are not immune to bed bugs, so you should take care when shopping for clothes too. Bed bugs can travel into the store on a person’s clothes and when they try on clothing in the dressing rooms, the bed bugs can be transferred to the chairs or carpeting. If you happen to lay your clothes on the chair or carpet, the bed bugs can simply attach to your clothing and go home with you. Although this is very rare, but it could happen, so when you are trying on clothing, you should hang your items up in the dressing room, so they are not touching any areas where bed bugs may be present.

Calculating Costs

These are the small ways that you can prevent bringing bed bugs into your home. However, even after exerting extreme caution you still believe bed bugs managed to get inside your home, you will want to call the experts at Rox Bugs. Our highly trained professionals work throughout the Saskatchewan area and have assisted many clients with the removal of bed bugs from their home. Our staff uses a method of extermination that is safe and chemical free, so that you do not need to vacate your home for a long period of time. They guarantee their work and you can breathe easy knowing that your home is bed bug free once again.

If you need help with Bed Bug removals contact us today.