The Funniest Pest Control Business Names

It is not always easy to come up with a great name for a company and the pest control business is no exception to the rule. Many company names use puns or some sort of play on words that will make someone laugh so the name sticks in his head.

If you had a pest control business and wanted a humorous name for it you may look for ideas in many different places. Some of the funnies names are fictional but would make great names for real company use as well.
Clown and Person

Here is a list of some of the “punny” names that have been used.

  1. Rat’s All Folks Exterminators
  2. Ratty Shack
  3. How the Pest was Won
  4. No More Mr. Mice Guy
  5. Mouse Arrest
  6. Shut Your Mouse Exterminators
  7. The Miceman Cometh
  8. Hugs not Bugs Exterminators
  9. Working for the Squeak-end Pest Control
  10. The Great Ratsby Exterminators
  11. Forgetta Bat it Exterminators
  12. Cockroach Blockers Pest Control
  13. Murder She Roach Exterminators
  14. Rats Gotta Hurt Pest Control
  15. Mouse of Cards Pest Control
  16. Spray It, Don’t Say It Pest Control
  17. Don’t Be Buggin’ Exterminators
  18. Ant Misbehavin’ Pest Control
  19. Do the Rat Thing Exterminators
  20. Audios Mice-Chacos Exterminators

Of course, what does a name mean? The thing we call a rose would smell just as sweet if we called it by any other name.

Bed Bugs Regina

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