Pest Proofing Your Home

Old HouseDepending on the type of pest you are dealing with, there are many ways that they may enter your home. If the area you live in is known to have pests that regularly invade homes, you will want to take measures to insure you do not end up with an infestation. Some common pests that you can protect your home from by taking active measures to ensure they do not gain entry are spiders, ants, and bed bugs.

There are many benefits to making sure insects can’t get into the home easily. You will have peace of mind knowing that your home is protected against a major infestation. You will be able to maintain natural ventilation of your premises and you will be able to reduce the use of pesticides in and around your home.

Aside from reducing places in your home that bed bugs can use to hide, you need to be careful about what you bring into your home. Everyone loves a good garage sale or flea market but it is not a good idea to bring in used furniture prior to inspecting and cleaning it to ensure you are not bringing a problem into your home. Everything from used furniture to second hand books should be scrutinized.

It may be time to order a new mattress but even though it is new, do this with caution. Often times, old mattresses are transported away in the same trucks that deliver new mattresses. Make sure your new mattress is properly sealed and you should inspect it upon opening and dispose of all packaging immediately.

If you are moving or helping a friend move, clean out your vehicle afterwards to ensure there are no unwanted bugs or insects that may make their way into your home.

Here are some basic guidelines for pest proofing a home:

  • Seal and repair openings
  • Give pets their own place to eat
  • Keep your kitchen clean
  • Keep your home dry
  • Clean debris from the yard
  • Attract birds that will eat insects
  • Store firewood away from the house or the side of other buildings
  • Make a flytrap
  • Trap mice instead of killing them as their bodies will attract insects

Computer Chart Close UpSometimes it may seem like a lot of work to get a home and yard upgraded to prevent problems but there are many benefits. When you seal and repair any openings in your home you are also creating a more energy efficient home! Keeping pests out also means keeping warm air in and cold air out.

If you do end up with pests in your home you may need to call exterminators to get rid of them. This is especially true of a bed bug infestation as they can be difficult to eradicate. The professionals at Rox Bugs offer an extermination service that will help you and your family sleep more peacefully at night.