Key Signs You Have Bed Bugs

A homeowners biggest nightmare is a bed bug infestation. Millions of people around the world suffer from bed bug infestations every single year. Even worse, infestations go undetected because homeowners aren’t sure what to look for. If they stay undetected for a long time, they will continue to multiply and can become a major stressor in your life. Today I’m going to share with you some key signs to look for in your home that may mean you have an infestation on your hands. The earlier you catch the bugs, the less hassle and stress it will be to get rid of them.

(1) Bite Marks

One of the most common signs of bed bugs is their signature bite mark. Bed bugs will bite skin that is exposed while you are sleeping. Most likely on your arms and/or legs. Bed bugs normally tend to take several bites during the night, so look for a trail of red itchy spots. Most times the bugs will bite in somewhat straight line up and down your arms and legs. While bite marks are a key sign of bed bugs, it is not the most accurate. These bite marks can come from a number of different bugs. So if you notice bites, check for other signs before concluding you have bed bugs.

(2) Unusual Odour

Another key sign you have a case of bed bugs, is an odour. Bed bugs naturally expel a pheromone to communicate with other bed bugs. With large amounts of bed bugs, a large amount of pheromone is released. If you smell a musty odour, almost like a wet towel, it may be a good idea to investigate for bed bugs. Just like the previous sign, the smell alone is not enough to conclude you have bed bugs. Don’t ignore the signs, but take it for face value. Always make sure to do further investigation.

(3) Dark Mattress Spots

If you have bed bugs, they are most likely hiding on your mattress. When bed bugs feast on your blood, they obviously have to expel waste. If you notice dark, almost mold like spots on your mattress, it may be the faecal matter of bed bugs. The spots can also smear into streaks. Another place you may notice these spots is on carpets or walls. If you notice any of these signs, investigate further for more signs of bed bugs

(4) Small White Eggs On Furniture

Bed bugs like to lay their eggs on the lining and seems of furniture and mattresses. If you notice any small white bumps on your furniture, inspect for further signs of bed bugs. Furniture is also a hotspot for egg shells and dead bugs. If you notice any of these signs, you may have a bed bug problem

(5) Used Furniture

One of the main ways bed bugs can enter your home is through the purchase of used furniture. If you purchase an old couch or chair always be sure to thoroughly check for signs of bed bugs. Like in the previous signs, check the cushions and cracks of the furniture. These places are where you are most likely to find bed bugs

(6) Blood Stains On Your Bed

Bed bugs will feed on you during your sleep. It may be likely for you to roll over and squish one. This will result in a small blood stain on your sheets. This may be a sign of bed bugs.

If you notice any of these signs always be sure to further inspect for more signs. One sign alone may not be enough to conclude you have bed bugs. If multiple signs occur, or you are still unsure if you have them, contact a trained bed bug removal specialist to cleanse your home of bed bugs.