How to Treat Bed Bug Bites

What Bed Bug Bites Look Like

Bed bug bites can be difficult to distinguish from other bites or rashes. However, you can be pretty sure that you have a bed bug bite if you notice the following when you wake up in the morning:

  • Raised red welts
  • Bites that burn and itch
  • Straight lines of multiple bites

Bed Bug Bite Treatment:

1. Clean the Area

Bar of Soap

The first thing that you should do whenever you see that you have a bite, is wash the area with soap and water. This will clean the area and prevent the possibility of infection. Cleansing the bite may also lessen the itching.

2. Don’t Scratch


If you find that the bites itch quite a bit, you will want to do everything that you can to not scratch them. Scratching can cause the bites to open and start oozing and blistering, which is never a good thing. Applying a corticosteroid cream or taking a Benadryl can help with itching relief. Another option that you can try if you do not have Benadryl or corticosteroid cream in the house, is to apply a hot washcloth to the bites.

3. Try a Home Remedy


Home remedies may also prevent the itchiness of a bed bug bite. A paste of baking soda and water can be applied to the bites. You should leave the paste on for at least an hour and then wash it off with warm water. Another home remedy is to place either lemon juice or witch hazel onto a cotton ball and dab the bites with it. Both of these items will help dry out the bite while making the itching stop. Aloe has antibiotic and anti-fungal properties and when it is applied to bed bug bites, you will be helping prevent an infection.

Should you Visit a Doctor?

It is usually not necessary to see a doctor for bed bug bites, but there are times when a doctor’s visit is warranted.

Emerg Sign

If you ever feel any of the following symptoms, you should contact your doctor immediately:

  • Itchy rash on your entire body
  • Redness that spreads around the area of the bed bug bites
  • Fever
  • Dizziness
  • Wheezing or difficulty breathing
  • Difficulty swallowing or swelling in your lips or tongue
  • Chest pain

Bed bug bites are not dangerous, but they can be annoying. The experts at Rox Bugs can help solve all of your bed bug problems once and for all. Once we got through your home, you will never need to worry about bed bug bites ever again.

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