How to Kill Bed Bugs Naturally

You do not need to use chemicals to destroy and kill the bed bugs that have found their way into your home. There are many natural options that will work just as successfully or even better than any chemical.

Cleaning Gloves

Check out this List of Natural Bed Bug Killers:

1. Heat

One of the best options for destroying bed bugs is to use heat. The experts at Rox Bugs use the Heat Assault Unit when they are in their clients’ homes. The Heat Assault Unit allows the air in a room to reach a minimum temperature of 145 degrees, which is much higher than the 125-degree temperature that is needed to destroy bed bugs. The unit is easy to move and since there are no chemicals involved, it is safe for everyone.

Even though heat is the best non-chemical option available, there are other options that you can consider.


2. Hot Water and Hot Dryer

Any clothing or linens that you own should be washed in hot water, because the heat from the water will destroy any bed bugs or eggs that may be on these items. Placing items in a dryer on high heat for thirty minutes will also kill the bed bugs and their eggs.

Any items that cannot be laundered can be placed inside a black bag or bin and placed in direct sunlight for at least two hours. That will allow the item to become hot enough to destroy the bed bugs.


3. Freezer

If you happen to notice bed bugs within smaller items that cannot be laundered, you can place those items inside a freezer that has a temperature below zero degrees. Bed bugs cannot survive in temperatures that are that cold, but they need to be in the freezer for at least two hours for this method to be effective.


5. Mattress and Box Springs Coverings

Placing a cover around your entire mattress and box spring will keep any bed bugs from entering or exiting these items. If the bed bugs or their eggs cannot get out, then they cannot eat or infest the rest of your home. After a while, the bed bugs that are inside your mattress or box spring will die.

Bed Cover

6. Tea Tree Oil

A simple solution of twenty drops of tea tree oil in a spray bottle of water can help you kill bed bugs. This solution can be sprayed inside cracks and other areas that you cannot get into as well as through your entire house. If you are using this method, you will need to be aware that it will take time to kill the bed bugs. You will need to continuously spray the areas where you believe the bed bugs are living until you no longer see them.

Tea Tree Oil

7. Lavender and Peppermint Oil

A combination of lavender oil and peppermint oil can be mixed with water and the result will be a spray that your bed bugs will not like. The lavender oil will also destroy any eggs or larvae that would eventually hatch into bed bugs.


All of these methods can help you get rid of the bed bugs inside your home. The experts at Rox Bugs are always available to answer any questions that you may have and they can do a full inspection to let you know how bad the infestation in your house is. By hiring Rox Bugs, you will have peace of mind when it comes to the knowledge that your house will be bed bug free once again.

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