How to Kill Bed Bugs for Good

No one wants bed bugs inside their home and if you have recently spotted these little insects or you think that you have them, then it is time to call a professional like Rox Bugs in Saskatchewan. We are leading experts when it comes to bed bugs and have a treatment that is chemical free and safe for everyone.

What we Use

Rox Bugs has a special Heat Assault Unit that reaches 150 degrees, which is much higher than the temperature of 125 degrees that is the minimum for killing bed bugs. The Heat Assault Unit works in conjunction with multiple fans to circulate the heated air throughout the room. This allows the hot air to reach cracks, voids, and other areas of your home that may be covered by carpeting or covered with items.


As Rox Bugs experts are using the Heat Assault Units inside your home, they know that it is important for them to move items around in each of the rooms that they are working in, so that the heat is distributed properly to every inch of space. This ensures that the bed bugs and their eggs are killed. Rox Bugs believes that their Heat Assault Unit is the best available option for killing bed bugs and because of that, they guarantee their treatment.

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What you can do

There are certain things that you can do yourself, as a homeowner, to also make sure that the bed bugs do not come back. Bed bugs love to live inside mattresses and box springs and Rox Bugs recommends that you purchase covers for both of these items. The covers that you purchase should be made for bed bugs, because they will trap any bed bugs that may still be alive inside your mattress or box spring. Once the bed bugs are trapped, they will suffocate and die, because they will not have access to their food source.

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You should also wash all of your clothes and linens in hot water and place them in the dryer for at least thirty minutes on high heat. The heat from both the washer and the dryer will kill any remaining bed bugs and their eggs. Any items that cannot be washed should be placed in a black bin or bag and set out in the sun for at least two hours. You should also vacuum your entire house, including the carpets, furniture, and fabric items. It is important to use a vacuum with a removable bag that you can remove and dispose of immediately though, or the bed bugs will just find their way back out into your home.

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As long as you follow the advice of the Rox Bugs expert that exterminates your bed bugs, you will not need to worry about finding them inside your home any more.

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