How to inspect your house for bed bugs

The worst thing that can ever happen to your lovely home, apart from it burning to the ground or being robbed, is having a bed bug infestation. If you suspect your house might be infested with bugs, it is better to inspect your home early, especially before and after any major holiday season with the coming and going of guests.

Exterminating a minor infestation is much more convenient and less expensive than treating a widespread outbreak. If you are not sure of what or how to properly inspect your house for bed bugs, this article may just be what you need.

To get a better understanding of how to efficiently inspect your house for bed bugs, below are some important indicators of bed bugs infestations in your home.

Scientist Inspecting a Specimen

1. Bites on the Skin

Most people believe every mark or bite on the skin is an indicator of bed bugs. It may be true, but there is a much higher probability of it being a result of chiggers or mosquitoes bites.
Be aware that some people do not react to bed bugs bites; this can be a problem as it may lead to a widespread propagation of bed bugs without you knowing.

2. Misidentification of Pests

Bugs such as carpet beetles and booklice are easily mistaken for bed bugs and vice versa. The problem is misidentification of bed bugs, give the bugs more time to spread to other parts of your home.


This leads us to the question; how do we inspect your house for bed bugs?

1. Check for dark spots on furniture and matteresses – dark spots the size of a grain of sand or full stop (.) are signs of bed bug droppings. If your house is invaded by bedbugs, you will see their droppings on fabrics.

2. Rusty looking stains – rust stains are caused by crushed bed bugs. Be weary, a house with a bed bug infestations mostly has their mattresses stained with accidentally crushed bed bugs.

3. Eggs and eggshell – bed bugs eggs are small and milky white. This colour comes from the skins that bed bug nymphs shed as they grow. Keep your eyes peeled for these eggs and eggshells.

4. Actual full on bed bugs – live bed bugs are of course a fool proof indicator that your home is being infested with the pesky pests, provided they are being identified properly. Be extremely careful that you are not dealing with other insects and when in doubt call in an expert.

Kid and Dog on Couch

Where to look for bed bugs

There are diverse places where bed bugs can hide; they come out only when they want to feed. Bed bugs have been found in piping, tags seams, box springs, bed frames, plug outlets and headboard.
When you do your search make sure to fully inspect
• Furniture; including chairs, couches, cushions, drawer joints, bed
• Appliances, electrical receptacles, head of a screw
• Loosed Wallpapers, wall hangings, edges of ceilings, moulding/trim
• Curtain folds, drapes.

Baby Room with Bed Bugs

If you Stumble Across a Bed Bug

If you have the misfortune of running into a bed bug try not to panic and seek the help of a local pest management company. Exterminating bugs without consulting your local pest operator is not advisable. You may end up spreading bed bugs or other pesky pests to other parts of the house or the neighborhood.
If you suspect your house is infested with bugs, it is essential to call your local pest control operator. There are several pest control operators in Regina Saskatchewan, Rox Bugs being one of the best. They will professionally exterminate bugs from your home in a safe and efficient manner. With state of the art technology, Rox guarantees quality services to you are sure of receiving top quality services.