How to Deal with Bed Bugs when Traveling

Traveling can be a lot of fun for you and your family, even if your destination is only an hour away from your home. The idea of not having to face your housework, run errands, or tackle the million other things on your to do list is almost too good to be true. Vacations allow you to seek all the rest and relaxation that you need.

Vacation can Bring Home Issues

There is one small problem with vacations though. You are staying in a hotel or renting someone else’s home and there is a chance that there are bed bugs lurking in that space. Gross! You can take precautions while on vacation by not placing your luggage directly on the floor and keeping an eye out for these small insects, but that will not always keep them from going home with you.

People Traveling

The Vacation Solution

Thankfully, there are many ways that you can protect yourself and your house once you return from your vacation.

Wash and Dry Everything

As soon as you return home, you should bring all of your laundry inside and wash it in hot water immediately. Between the hot water and the heat of the dryer, any bed bugs that may have hitched a ride home on your clothing and linens should be dead.

Hanging out a Machine

Anything not Washable Bag It!

Even though you bring your laundry inside, you should leave your suitcases outside. These should be placed in black bins or black bags and sealed tightly shut before being placed out in the sun. The black attracts the sun, heating the luggage and killing any bed bugs and eggs that may have been inside or on your bags. This process will take at least two hours to be effective.

Trash Bags

If you have followed all of the above tips and found that still you now have bed bugs in your house, you should contact the experts at Rox Bugs. They can assist you by inspecting your home and killing all of the bed bugs and eggs that are inside. They guarantee their services and they will help you forget about bed bugs and start thinking about your next vacation.

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