How Do Bed Bugs Reproduce?

Bed bugs can be a bit of a pain, especially when you try your best to get rid of them and they still prevail. These little bugs find their way into your bedding and sofas and can make a mess. Not only that, but bed bug bites can cause redness and itching for days at a time.

You may be wondering, what are bed bugs? How can their reproduction and growth affect my home? How can I practice healthy pest control while also ensuring that I get rid of the unwanted pest?

Those are some very good questions, so let’s bug (excuse my pun) into it!

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny flightless insects that love to feast themselves upon human and animal blood. They are small and they like to live amid the human, hiding and remaining seemingly undetected.

The Insect

Bed bugs belong to the cimicid family, which contains almost all of the hundreds of species of these tiny blood eating creatures. While not entirely obvious at first, a bed bug bite can carry numerous other inconveniences such as itching, bites, and sleepless nights. And sometimes the itching can lead to excessive scratching, which can open your body up to newer infections. Though they are not linked to any other diseases and don’t have many symptoms.

How Do Bed Bugs Breed?

Just like any animal bed bugs do reproduce. They need to have some way to divide and multiply, how else would an infestation happen.

Mating Insects

While this “reproduction” question may not seem relevant to getting rid of them, their breeding cycles should be kept in mind. Bed bugs lay an average of five eggs per day. That is, one single bed bug. Imagine if you had more.

An infestation of bed bugs, that can have up to and more than 60 bedbugs. Do the math… That can produce an average of 300 new members per day. Yikes, not the kind of visitor you want to have rapidly populating your space.

The primary method of bed bug reproduction, is called traumatic insemination. This process involves the male bed bugs basically stabbing the female’s belly with a specialized reproductive organ.

Sounding anything but pleasant fertilization of the baby bed bugs can happen anywhere on the females abdomen. While not present right away, the eggs can eventually be seen via a naked eye, through a magnifying glass would help drastically.

Sounds romantic right?!? Just kidding!

Romantic X's and O's

How to Kill Bed bugs

Now that you know how bed bugs reproduce let’s move on to the more important part – getting rid of bed bugs.

While killing bed bugs can be done manually it is a pain. If you want to be guaranteed that your home is bed bugs free, we’d recommend hiring an exterminator to cleanse your entire house.

The Bed Bug Reproduction Verdict

At the end of the day, we’ll just say that mass bed bug reproduction and breeding is definitely an inconvenience, and that Rox Bugs takes care of all your infestations and extermination worries. So you can have a sound sleep with both your health and your convenience secured.

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