Heat Treatment Vs Chemical Treatment

So you’ve come down with a case of bed bugs and you need to treat it but you aren’t sure what to go with. Some people say heat treatment is the most effective and some say chemical treatment is the way to go. So what truly is the best option? In this article I’m going to highlight which treatment you should decide to go with if you ever get come down with a bed bug infestation.


Chemical treatments were once the most effective bed bug removal tactic in the market. However, since chemical treatments have been around for such a long time, bed bugs have actually become resistant to it. New generations of bed bugs are born with harder shells and immune systems to counteract the chemicals.

Heat treatment on the other hand, has become the more popular choice when it comes to bed bug removal. Bed bugs do not have a way to resist a heat treatment. Once they reach about 140 degrees, the bed bugs can no longer survive. As the heat rises the bed bugs slow down and eventually die and it kills all bed bugs. Even the hidden ones.

Chemical treatments are designed to be toxic enough to kill bed bugs. While the chemical treatments can be successful in killing bed bugs, they also put you, your family and your pets at risk. Chemicals have odours and insecticides which can be harmful to your health.

Heat treatments do not pose any health risks what’s so ever. There is no residue or toxins left behind. The only factor involved in heat treatments is.. well heat.

Time Consumption

On average, it takes two to three different treatment sessions for chemical treatments to work. Which means you are forced out of your home for quite a while. Being out of your home for even a few days can be a huge disruption to your life.

With heat treatments your home is back to normal within a day. Bed bugs need to be at 140° for about 90 minutes for it be effective. In all the process takes about six hours (depending on the size of your home). Heat treatments will get your home back to normal way faster than a chemical treatment.


When you spray chemicals, bed bugs will actively try to get away from the spray. They will avoid areas with the chemicals, which can cause them to spread to other areas of your home. Unless you spray all bed bugs and all the eggs, they won’t go away. You will just end up with a bed bug problem again in a couple weeks.

Heat treatments are able to kill all the eggs and bed bugs by heating the entire room. You don’t have to worry about the bed bugs spreading, as the heat causes their body to slow down.

Chemical treatments are now a thing of the past. Heat treatments are the way of the future when it comes to bed bug infestations. While both options are not 100% guaranteed, heat treatments have been proven to be quicker, more effective and safer. So if you find yourself with a bed bug infestation, it’s best to go with a heat treatment.