Biological Pest Control

Biological pest control relies on natural mechanisms for controlling pests but also involves active human management. Biological pest control is an important part of an integrated pest management program (IPM Program).

Biological pest control consists of three stages:

  1.  Importation – a pest’s natural enemy is introduced to control the nuisance pest
  2. Augmentation – local natural enemies are bread and released to enhance control of the pest
  3. Conservation – natural enemies are increased by measures such as planting nectar producing crop plants

Scientist and Microscope

Insect pests have natural enemies which are known as biological control agents. These control agents are predators, parasitoids, pathogens, and competitors that all help to control the population of the pest.

There can be side effects to biological control. It is possible that whatever is introduced will also affect non-target species. It is important to understand the possible consequences when considering biological control of pests.

Biological pest control is one way of managing bed bugs if they are a problem. Introducing predators is a natural way of dealing with an infestation without the use of chemicals but using this method can also create problems.

Some predators that can be used to control bed bugs are:

  • House centipede – house centipedes may look disgusting and weird but they have an appetite for bed bugs. If you see one in your house you may want to leave it to get bed bugs. However, house centipedes do sting so you may not want close contact with one.
  • Fire ants – fire ants kill bed bugs but then you would have to worry about how to get rid of the fire ants. They can also sting and are deadly if you have an allergy to them.
  • Masked assassin – the masked assassin will feed on many different arthropods including bed bugs. If you see one in your house there is a good chance that there are bed bugs in the home. Masked assassins also have a painful bite.

Because of the problems associated with the predators of bed bugs, it is not generally a good idea to use biological pest control for the issue in your home. The predators may do their job but then you will have another infestation on your hand and these predators are potentially dangerous to humans.
Black Ant

Using an exterminator to get rid of bed bugs is overall, a far better plan. If you live in or near Regina, Saskatchewan, the professionals at Rox Bugs will be able to help you. They use proper extermination methods to get rid of infestations of bed bugs and other pests so that you will not have to worry about introducing other infestations to your home.

The professionals at Rox Bugs will consult with you to come up with the best solution for your particular problem and solve it in a timely manner in the most efficient way possible.