Bed Bugs Versus Fleas: which one is more annoying?

Bed bugs or fleas, both are insects and can be very annoying. They bite you on your skin and are usually invisible in the daytime.

Physical Appearance:

Bed bugs have an oval shape with a reddish-brown color of 4-6 mm length, while fleas have flattened bodies with long legs and a length of 1.5-4mm. Bed bugs are usually larger in size than fleas.

Bed bugs reside in the beds or mattresses and they like to live in the relatively cooler area. Fleas, on the other hand, are commonly found on the skins of animals. So, if your pet spends a lot of time outdoors, there are chances of having fleas in your home as well.

Bed Bugs in Saskatchewan

Bed bug bites and fleas bites:

Usually, bed bugs or fleas mark their presence while you are asleep.

Bed bugs, especially bite at night. Being bitten by a bed bug or flea will make your skin itchy which, upon scratching can worsen the situation. Sometimes their bites can cause allergies, swelling, and infections.

In physical appearance, flea bites happen at random and are found mostly on legs and ankles. Bed bug bites on the other hand are in a linear form which can be found anywhere on the body.

Bed Bug Bites on an Arm in Regina, Saskatchewan

Bug Symptoms:

Bed bugs can bite anywhere on the body. Being bitten by a bed bug will cause red bumps and itching similar to a mosquito bite. There will be a darker spot in the center of the bite and the pattern will appear linearly.

Fleas target legs and ankles, usually. They also cause itchiness because of the red spots they form. They can be developed into blisters in some days.

Bug Bites

How to kill bed bugs or fleas?

Bed bugs or fleas are equally annoying and cause a great distress however, there are some methods for their extermination.

1. Fumigation is a method which can be used to kill bed bugs or fleas. It uses lethal gas to suffocate these insects which completely kills them.

2. Wrapping your mattress in any protective casing will prevent bed bugs.

3. Use insect repellent which is medically and dermatologically approved for sensitive skins.

4. Change your bedding regularly or make it airy.

5. If you have any pet, especially a cat or rabbit, avoid letting it outdoors. For large animals like dogs, wash them on a regular basis to avoid having fleas in your home.

6. Use pesticides which are EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved.

7. Change your mattress after 2 years. It is difficult to estimate how much bed bugs are there in your mattress and it is always advised to change your whole mattress.

9. If planning to travel, try to choose a top grade hotel which maintains cleanliness.

10. Keep your luggage away from your bed and off the floor.

Person with Face Mask

The Bottom-line

Bed bugs or fleas, both are equally annoying for you. In some circumstances, bed bugs are more problematic than fleas because they reside in mattress and corners of the bed which are difficult to reach places. Unlike fleas, which are mostly on the skin of the animals. Taking proper care and cleanliness measures can greatly decrease the chance of such bugs in your room or home.