Bed Bugs Facts and Statistics

Facts about Bed Bugs

Fact Magnified

  • Bed bugs are small oval insects that do not fly.
  • People think bed bugs live in a mattress but they can live anywhere in your home. They are most common in beds but will take up residence anywhere that they have easy access to human blood for feedings.
  • Bed bugs are most active at night but may also feed during the day if they are hungry. They bite the exposed skin of humans as the human sleeps. Common bite locations are on the hands, arms, neck, and face.
  • Bed bug bites do not hurt and sometimes people do not realize they have them. They are easy to mistake for a rash or some other insect bite. The most common sign of a bed bug bit is swelling and itching but it often looks like a mosquito bite.
  • Bed bug bites do not require treatment but some people may choose to try and relieve itching with oatmeal baths or a cold compress.
  • Signs of bed bugs include fecal stains, egg cases, and shed skins in and around cracks of bedframes and seams of mattresses. You can only confirm an infestation if you see the bugs themselves and you may need a professional to help identify them and clear the area.
  • Because bed bugs hide in very small cracks, it can be difficult to find and eradicate their breeding site.
  • Bed bugs tend to stay close to their food source.
  • Bed bugs can lay one to five eggs in a day.

Statistics about Bed Bugs

Phone and Book Data

  • Approximately 99.6 percent of pest professionals treat bed bugs every year.
  • Professionals treat bed bug infestations in many places but the top three places they are found are apartments and condominiums, single family homes, and hotels/motels
  • Other common places for bed bugs are nursing homes, college dorms, offices, schools, daycares, hospitals, and public transportation.
  • Bed bugs are not a seasonal pest but about 66% of the calls to exterminate them are in the summer months. This may be due to increased travel and hotel stays in summer as compared to other times of the year.
  • Bed bugs are not linked to socioeconomic status – they can appear in any home.

Bed bugs are not something that you want around but if you find you do have a problem with them, the professionals at Rox Bugs are trained in exterminating them.