Bed Bugs and Your Pets

Pets are known to carry bugs like lice, ticks and fleas. Many people assume that your pets are equally as likely to have bed bugs. However bed bugs are not too concerned about munching on your furry friends. They can, however, be great taxis for bed bugs.

If I find a bed bug on my pet, should I worry about an infestation?

Finding a bed bug on your pet is a key sign of a bed bug infestation. Much like how bed bugs can enter our homes via clothing, bed bugs can enter your home through hitching onto your pets fur. Finding a bed bug in the fur of your pet could mean just one bed bug hitched a ride into your home. However it is for more likely an infestation already exists within your home. If you spot any bugs on your pets, be sure to do a further inspection for bed bugs.

Pet Kitty Cat Looking for Bed Bugs

Are bed bugs dangerous to my pets?

Many believe that because bed bugs bite humans, they can do the same to our pets. However, this is far from true. Many entomologists agree that bed bugs do not pose a risk to pets due to the thick fur they often have. Bed bugs are searching for a quick and easy meal, and that usually comes in the form of humans. Bed bugs prefer human blood due to the easy access. Usually they are hidden within peoples mattresses and come out at night to feed. While it is extremely unlikely, the occasional bed bug bite can happen on your pet.

I have bed bugs. I have pets. What should I do?

If you find yourself with bed bugs on your hands, be sure to take full precautions. If you opt for a heat treatment, be sure you have a place for your pets to be for the day. During heat treatments, your house becomes extremely hot in order to eliminate the infestation. This heat can be deadly to your pets, so make sure they have a place to be during your treatments.

Once the treatment is over, be sure to go through your pets fur, toys, bed and blankets to ensure there are no straggling bed bugs. Bed bugs can hide in your pet equipment, and it is a good idea to thoroughly wash it. In most cases your pet equipment shouldn’t need to be thrown away. But if bedding or blankets have many holes and tears, it may be best to throw them away and purchase new ones. Also be sure to throughly wash your pet and if possible, give your pet a nice haircut to eliminate all threats of bed bugs hiding in their fur.

A Bed Bug

Can flea and tick preventatives on my pets protect against bed bugs?

If a product label does not specifically say it protects against bed bugs, don’t bother wasting your money on it if your goal is to protect against bed bugs. Incorrect usage of these products can harm you, your family and your pets.