Bed Bug Information for New Tenants

If you are moving to a new home, it is essential to protect your properties against unwanted guests. No this article is not talking about people – but bed bugs. Learning about these pesky insects will reduce the risk of bed bug infestation in your home.

How do bed bugs get into your home?

You may be wondering how and when did these unwanted guests arrive at your clean home; first of all, a clean home does not signify a bed bug-free zone. It is easy to bring in bugs without knowing. Bed bugs are hitchhikers, they tend to use your luggage, purse, briefcases, secondhand furniture, electronics, mattresses, etc. as a means of transportation.


How to stop the hitchhikers from invading your new home?

As you move into your new home, please note that it is the duty of the landlord to ensure your house is treated and bed bug-free. However, it is necessary to inspect the house personally especially when the neighborhood has a high rate of bedbug infestations.

Most landlords may not tell you the truth if they have experienced bed bug infestation or not. The best thing to do is to hire a trained pest control operator to inspect and fumigate your apartment, condo, etc. before you move in, do not be deceived by the neatness of the empty room, bed bugs are capable of hiding between units through holes meant for plumbing and wiring or crack in drywall.
Do not move your properties into your house without treating them; it will prevent hitchers from moving from old apartment to the new one.

Bed bugs can be found in public laundry rooms, ensure to have your personal washing machine or be extra careful when using these public rooms.

Do not bring used furniture to your home without inspecting it, and if you cannot examine them properly, invite your local pest control operator to do it for you.

Do not bring discarded furniture, toys, mattresses you see on the street. There is a reason these items were tossed way. However, if you must take them home, inform your PCO to inspect the items to avoid unwanted guests in your house.

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What to do if you suspect bed bug infestation

Do not attempt to treat bed bug infestations without consulting with your pest management professional (PMP). Self Treatment may lead to widespread of bugs to other parts of the house and neighborhood. When you suspect bed bug activities in your house, inform your landlord and your PMP as soon as possible.

Do not remove any furniture, mattresses, luggage, electronics, etc. without the informing your PMP. Remove clothing, linens, and materials tagged for disposal from an infested room in airtight plastic bags to eliminate the risk of moving the bugs to other areas of the house or neighborhood.

If you use a vacuum cleaner, ensure to wash all washable components in hot water and detergent; it will prevent bed bugs and eggs in the vacuum cleaner from spreading to other units. All vacuumed waste and bags should be disposed of in a sealed plastic bag.

For further information contact your local pest control operator, or if you live in Saskatchewan, Rox Bug can solve all your bugs’ problems.

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