A Scientific Look at Bed Bugs

It is quite probable that you have had an encounter with bed bugs at some point in your life. Bed bugs show up in a lot of hotels or public areas such as college dorms but they can also get into a clean bedroom in a home. Kenneth Haynes of the University of Kentucky has said that bed bugs seem to be more common again. Scientists are studying the insects closely so that they can find a way to eradicate infestations. It may be awhile before the solutions are possible so it is important to try and avoid infestations from happening.

Science Flasks

Here are some questions that scientists have been answering:

Do bed bugs only feed on humans?

Bed bugs are commonly found in home bedrooms but they also infest poultry operations and are also a parasite to bats. Labs that study bed bugs raise them on guinea pigs and mice. Bed bugs may also feed on cats and dogs. Though pet fur can act as a barrier, they can feed on areas of a pet’s body where there is no fur.

Can bed bugs be in your home without you knowing?

Sometimes there will be bed bugs in a home and you do not know it. Approximately 79 percent of people do not react to bites from bed bugs so it is possible that you have been bit and do not even know it. Elderly people seem to be less reactive as well. If you are not sensitive to bed bug bites you may not know that you have an infestation.

Bed bugs are nocturnal so you may not see signs of their activity since you are sleeping. If there is a big infestation bed bugs may start to move away from the bed and you may be more likely to see one during the day.

There may also be an odor if you have an infestation. Bed bugs release pheromones that have an odor so if there are a group of bugs you may be able to smell them. The odor can be unpleasant if there are a lot of bed bugs in the area.

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How can you avoid getting bed bugs?

A bed bug is flat and brown until it has fed and then it will have a fuller shape and will be reddish brown in color. It is about the size of an apple seed. To avoid getting bed bugs, be careful about buying used furniture and clothing. If you are purchasing used furniture, you should ask the store how they avoid bed bugs. Used clothing should be put in the dryer to kill any bed bugs that may be present.

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