A Guide for Bed Bugs in Schools

There is no easy way of making schools bed bug proof, and bedbug infestation shouldn’t be handled by the school administration alone. It can affect the student, the staff and of course the family. Several students are trooping in and out of the school every school, and these kids have a minimum of three members of the family. So, a bedbug breakout in school can spread to the whole region in a matter of hours.

A guide for bedbugs in schools does not mean the family of the students does not have a role to play to eliminate the widespread of bedbugs. The school, the student and the family have a role to play in eliminating bedbugs from the vicinity.

The School

1. Invite a professional pest control operator to train the members of the staff including the janitors on how to identify bed bugs, signs of bedbug infestation and the right action to take when they notice any sign of bedbugs.

2. The teachers should also teach the students to know the difference between bed bugs and other similar bugs to avoid false alarm. Teachers can also make learning about bed bugs more interesting and less scary by using infographics instead of reading from the textbooks.

3. Distribute pamphlets to students to take home to their parents’ enlightenment. Also, teach parents on how to prevent bed bugs from their homes during PTA meetings.
4. Discourage actions that stigmatize students or employees with bed bug’s bite; sending children with bed bug’s bite home is not a good idea. If a student is suspected of having bed bug bites the right thing to do is calmly take the student to a separate place, carefully examine the student’s clothing and other personal items for traces of bedbugs. Place bedbugs in an airtight container, to avoid further spread of the bugs.

5. The school should put a call through to the student’s family and inform them of the current situation.

6. Have a backup plan – if there is a breakout, ensure to have a professional pest control operator on standby to stealthily examine the school without creating a scene. Inspect the school before and after an academic session.

Bed Bugs in a School Library

The Students

1. A clean school may not be a guaranty that you are living in a bed bug-free zone, but you can reduce the number of hiding places by putting waste materials inside the trash instead of dumping it on the floor.

2. Alert your teacher when you suspect any signs of bugs.

3. Reduce the number of blankets, stuffed animals and backpack you bring to school. You do not want your favorite items to be infested with bugs, do you?

A Student Working on Her Laptop

The Family

1. Bed bugs could hitchhike home with your child; you can block them at the door so, ensure to launder your children’s clothes and bed linens in hot water. It can reduce the chances of your children bringing bed bugs home with them.

2. Call a trained pest control operator to inspect your home for any trace of bed bug infestation and do not attempt to exterminate bed bugs without consulting a professional.

3. Obey the rules and regulations of your children’s school in regards to preventing the spread of bed bugs in the school.

Bed Bug Prevention starts with the Family