5 Ways To Avoid Pests With Guests And Christmas Leftovers

Christmas is coming, and the guest list is piling up. There are so many hurdles you need to avoid as a host. You do not want your guests to go home with irritating bed bug bites all over their body that will last for days.

A painful reminder of a sad Christmas experience in your home can be avoided if you take the necessary precaution before and during their stay. Before we jump to the steps to make, it is important also to note that things can go the opposite.

Your guest can also bring in bedbugs or other pests from their place to your place, resulting in pest invasions. This article will show you what to do to keep the pests at bay and how to take care of Christmas leftovers.

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1. Use Encasements for your Mattresses

Before the arrival of your guests, encase your mattresses with high-quality, durable protective covers for your mattresses. It is the safest way to avoid bedbugs’ bites, and also serves as a preventive measure to stop the transference of bed bugs from your guests to your mattresses. Preferably, get transparent protective covers for easy identification of bugs.

Wrinkled Bed

2. Clean Up after Meals

I know it is tempting just to leave the plates and the leftovers unattended to while you sip wine to catch up on old times with family and friends, you can still have fun after clearing the table. Leaving scraps on the floor and leftovers on the table can call uninvited guests to your home. Place all used dishes in the dishwasher, clean counters, and store leftovers in airtight containers. You do not want your guests to have food poisoning, so take your time to clean up before after meals. Your guests will understand, you can also do it with them. It’s a fun and healthy way to reminiscence. Furthermore, there are a lot of delectable dishes you can create from leftovers. Store leftovers, and turn it into sumptuous meals during or after the festive craze.

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3. Take out the Trash

The easiest way to invite bugs to your house is keeping unkempt garbage cans; they attract pests to your home. All pests look for a “conducive” environment to feast and breed; rodents including rats and mice need to stay close to food sources, so if you keep providing food for them they are more likely to make your home their breeding ground. Empty the garbage can as soon as possible to prevent pest infestation.

Hallway with Trash from Christmas

4. Get Pest Repellents

Just the way you need first aid kit in your home, having pests’ repellents especially during the holiday season is recommended for every homeowner. Although it is not the best way to exterminate pest from your home, it is a quick fix to stop bed bug’s bite before the arrival of a pest control operator.

Drops of Spray from a Pest Repellant

5. Hire a Pest Management Professional

Seeking the help of a pest exterminator is the first thing you need to do before and after the Christmas holiday. Hiring a pest control operator before the arrival of your guests, help to eliminate any trace of bed bugs or other pests in your home. Invite your local pest exterminator after the holidays to also exterminate any bed bugs or pests brought in by your guests. There are a good number of pest management professionals in Regina, Saskatchewan. Rox bug exterminator will help eliminate pests from your home.

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