Why Choose Us?

ROX (Heat assault unit) VS ELECTRIC

One of our main competitors uses the electric heating package, but it comes with many limitations. This is why we purchased the Heat Assault machine.  It is a simpler, safer system that through glycol heating produces much more energy in a virtually fool-proof way.


The Heat Assault Machine produces over 3 times more energy in comparison

The standard Heat Assault 500X produces 500,000 BTU/hr of energy while a standard electric package with a John Deere 60kW generator with 6 of their 460V Electric Bed Bug Heaters produces less than 150,000 BTU/hr of energy.


The competitor’s machine is limited to 135F maximum temperatures while the Heat Assault can easily go to 150F and even higher if required.

To effectively kill bed bug eggs, the room should be heated to at least 125F. If the air is only at 135F, then it is unlikely that the wall voids or other areas that are insulated by clothing or carpeting will be sufficiently heated into the kill zone. This is why the air in the room needs to be heated to 145F and many fans are required to move the air.  Also, the technicians must be conscientious to move the articles in the room to treat corners and cold pockets.

Electric Heaters are much heavier and bulkier, while the new Heat Assault heaters are easily moved and flexible.

The 460 Volt Electric Bed Bug Heaters each weigh 130 pounds while the redesigned Heat Assault heat exchangers each weigh about 50 pounds. This means that only person is required to set up (lowering the operating costs).  Another advantage of the lighter heaters is that there will be less damage to your customer’s walls and door frames.   It is easier to direct the heat where required and, even though the Heat Assault heat exchangers are much lighter and more versatile, they pack way more of a punch. They produce over 4 times more heat than the electric heaters! (100,000 vs. 23,880 BTU/hr)

With Heat Assault there is NO danger of being electrocuted.  There are no power cables.

In today’s legal environment, it is always important to limit the risk to our employees, customers and bystanders.

Lower costs of operation

ROX Inc. can offer our treatment at a much lower cost to the customer for a number of reasons. Because so much more heat is produced per hour, the Heat Assault unit can do a much larger job in a shorter period of time. So instead of running two shifts for a standard 2500 square foot house, the Heat Assault machine can do this job in less than 8 hours. This means less overtime and customers are in their beds rather than staying in a hotel for the night. In addition, because we are currently already operating a large property management company, we have many of the ROX operating expenses already being covered by the property management company, expenses such as; office space, office staff, vehicles, accountants, trained maintenance staff, and office supplies.

Why no dog?

Our technicians inspecting for bed bugs are very experienced in identifying live bugs and the tell-tale signs of their existence. Bed bugs are visible to the naked eye and leave concrete evidence that they are there. We don’t need to ‘smell the bugs’ to know they are there. It is our opinion that having a dog is a fairly large and unnecessary expense that would ultimately need to be passed along to the customer. A homeowner/tenant already suspects they have bed bugs when they call us, so from there, we only need to determine whether they are or are not there. We don’t need to know where every bug is as the heat is evenly distributed throughout all areas of the house where the bugs might be hiding. It’s not a ‘spot treatment’.


Much lower chance of ‘rework’ required.

We have heard that of as much as 20% rework is being required from electric system operators. Because of the higher temperatures and much greater capacity with Heat Assault, we can generally do all of a house at once so there is much less of a chance of bed bugs escaping the heat.  There is also less work required from the technician, which means less chance of human error. As a result heat assault clients report far less rework.