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How to Keep Bed Bugs at Bay This Christmas

Christmas Clutter in a Regina Home

The festive season is fast approaching, and the last thing you want to experience is celebrating Christmas with bed bugs in your home! Getting rid of bed bugs can be an uphill task, but there are specific measures one has to take to keep bed bugs at bay. Check Second-Hand Furniture before Purchase Everybody wants… Read more »

3 Main Types of Pest Repellents

Spray Cans Protecting Against Bed Bugs

Getting rids of bugs can a tough nut to crack especially when you have tried so many products without getting good results. This article will show top pest repellents that guarantee a great result. First thing’s first, when dealing with pest repellents it’s important to understand that not all repellents were created equal. There are… Read more »

What is an Exterminator?

Guys Spraying a Can

An exterminator can also be referred to as a pest control technician. Their job is to get rid of pests such as roaches, mice, mosquitoes, wasps, spiders, termites, bed bugs, or other animals that are creating a nuisance. Some exterminators are self-employed while others work for companies that are responsible for large scale pest control… Read more »

Things You Need to Know About Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Anatomy

It seemed that for a long time, bed bugs had all but disappeared. Recently, there has been a resurgence of the, and more and more people are having to learn what they are and how to effectively deal with them. Bugs seem to be returning to hotels, apartments, schools, and homes throughout the country. These… Read more »

Pitfalls of DIY Bed Bug Remedies

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You can always find ways to do certain things at home rather than calling in professionals for a job or paying for more expensive products. However, with some things, it is better not to take a chance. There are DIY methods out there to get rid of bed bugs but they are not nearly as… Read more »

Bed Bug Horror Stories

Spooky Stories

elling ghost stories around a campfire can be scary. But hearing bed bug horror stories can be even worse; especially if you think you may have bed bugs in your home. The psychological toll that bed bugs have on some people is more than enough to know that getting professional services to get rid of… Read more »

The Most Dangerous Household Pests


Many people do not realize how dangerous some pests really are. Sometimes we simply see a pest as an annoyance and don’t really do much to deal with it but some pests can actually be extremely dangerous.   1. Mosquitoes One of the pests that we find annoying is actually one of the most dangerous… Read more »

How to Make Your Home Pest Resistant

Bug Pests

Nobody wants to have to deal with pests so it is a good idea to try and protect your home against them. There are several things you can do to ensure pests stay away from your home. There are various ways to protect your home from bed bugs so that they do not become an… Read more »

DIY Fall Pest Management Ideas

People in the Fall

With fall quickly approaching, it is time to start pest proofing your home for the coming season. With cold weather on the way, everyone and everything will want to move indoors. With your family starting to congregate in the living room as the temperatures cool down, you may have extra visitors as well. Rats, mice,… Read more »

Biological Pest Control

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Biological pest control relies on natural mechanisms for controlling pests but also involves active human management. Biological pest control is an important part of an integrated pest management program (IPM Program). Biological pest control consists of three stages:  Importation – a pest’s natural enemy is introduced to control the nuisance pest Augmentation – local natural… Read more »